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Ventilation Installers

air-control-systemNo matter how big or small your facility may be, good ventilation is indispensable. In homes and small buildings, it’s feasible to rely on air flow from windows, air bricks and various openings in the walls or roof for air circulation. In larger spaces, however, ensuring adequate air circulation may require the installation of a proper ventilation system. This is where the team of ventilation installers from ADS can help.

Effective ventilation is particularly important in situations where particulate material or vapour from paints, adhesive or other sources can build up. The quality of materials or products in the vicinity might be adversely affected — as could personnel who find themselves working in an enclosed and poorly-ventilated space. Even in an ordinary office, poor ventilation can cause symptoms such as tiredness and a lack of concentration among those working there. Toner in printers and photocopiers can give off surprisingly high levels of fumes, making the workplace uncomfortable and even dangerous.

Ventilation Installation

office-ventilationIf your facility is heated using a warm air system or cooled using cold air blown in via ductwork, it’s important that the air be properly circulated to ensure that there are no hot or cold spots. A further concern is the problem of noise from fans and motors; we can help address this with our acoustically-sensitive systems. If you are looking to invest in a new ventilation installation, we recommend that you get in touch with our expert team.

At Airflow Design Services Ltd, we specialise in high quality ventilation and ductwork installation. Whether you simply need to ensure adequate airflow around your factory floor or have complex filtration requirements for your clean room, ADS can help you. We are a firm of ventilation installers and ductwork installation contractors offering design, manufacture and installation solutions for all your ventilation and ductwork needs. Contact us today on 01923 232 360 to learn more.