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At Airflow Design Services Ltd, we offer a full range of solutions for all of your ventilation ductwork needs. We aren’t just about design: our portfolio of services also includes supply, delivery and installation.

As well as offering ventilation and duct design, our bespoke manufacturing capacity allows us to meet your requirements down to the last detail. If your planned system requires nonstandard configurations, we can manufacture the exact parts that you need. This ensures that you get the system you really need rather than an off-the-shelf approximation.

In addition to basic ventilation, you may need ductwork systems that can cope with hot air for heating or cold air from air conditioning systems. We can assist you with designing and installing integrated ductwork that’s properly suited for AC and heating.

Filtration is an important feature of a good ventilation system. ADS can provide various types of filtration, whether you simply want to cut down on general dust or debris or have more exacting requirements.

It’s vital to maintain your ventilation systems. Small cracks or breaks can prevent air from circulating effectively and allow heat or cold to escape. Ducts that have become dirty or clogged can also be a cause of substandard performance, as can blocked or deteriorated filters. ADS offers a comprehensive range of cleaning and maintenance services that will keep your ductwork functioning like new.

Any system that carries air can also carry noise. That’s why ADS also offers insulation and acoustics services to ensure that your ventilation systems aren’t a source of noise and disturbance.

Whatever your ventilation or ductwork needs, ADS can help you.